The simple, square design of ISABEL SPOT WIDE is modern and stylish. Dimmable. It radiates exclusivity with its crystal-clear Plexiglas and warm white light at 3,400 Kelvin. With a CRI value of 85-90, it has very high color rendering!
ISABEL SPOT WIDE is adjustable at 1-2 Watt depending on how strong you want it to shine at its maximum position.
It is powered by a transformer that can power up to 14 ISABEL SPOT WIDE units.
The high performance Power LED that is used in all ISABEL products has an exceptionally long service life. Thanks to our unique way of applying it in Plexiglas, the pleasant light that it provides has a very wide beam and comfortable glow.
ISABEL SPOT WIDE is easy to install in ceilings or above floor units in kitchens, for example. It can be screwed directly onto paneling or gypsum without thermal protection. It does not emit heat and is very discreet and elegant.
The spotlight, whose lens is made of high quality Plexiglas, rests on a square, white-painted aluminum plate. It scatters light in a wide beam both downwards and sideways. These spotlights are like sparkling jewels in a white ceiling! The unique design provides maximum luminous efficacy based on the already efficient LED. With its wide light dispersion and low energy consumption, ISABEL SPOT WIDE works extremely well as outdoor eaves lighting.
ISABEL SPOT WIDE is easy to connect yourself using our schematic diagram. However, if you do not know how to do this, we recommend that you get an electrician to connect the spotlights. All ISABEL products are manufactured at Konkretek AB in Mullsjö, Sweden.