Konkretek fabriken


ISABEL is manufactured and marketed at Konkretek AB in Mullsjö, which is situated 30 km northwest of Jönköping. Konkretek AB, which was started in 1986, has built up its operations based on innovations and advanced technology as well as deals with large companies, for example, within the automotive industry.

A new major step in the history of the company was taken in 2005. Konkretek AB began manufacturing lighting using LED technology under its own new ISABEL brand. After more than a year of preparations and development work, we were able to present our own, completely new design product onto the market. “Radiant patterns and effects in Plexiglas with advanced LED technology.” In October 2005, ISABEL Beautylight of Sweden became public and “saw the light of day” via a first full page publication in a large interior design magazine. At that time, ISABEL included 5 different models. Today, we have around 40 and more are under development!

General interest in ISABEL is increasing in line with the increasing demand for attractively designed LED lighting for indoor use. With today’s high energy prices, ISABEL-type lighting is appreciated all the more. Lamps from ISABEL can stay lit round the clock without hardly any impact on your electricity bill.



Do you want to visit out showroom and buy a lamp or two? Welcome to ISABEL/Konkretek AB! You will be able to see our entire product range of lighting products here, and we will help you find the lighting you are looking for. Call us before your visit to make sure that we are there!