ISABEL’s unique designer LED lighting is perfect for energy-conscious homes and public environments. ISABEL’s lighting products go beyond traditional lighting. They are like brilliant works of art that provide and exclusive impression in windows and rooms with their clear, beautiful glow and shine! All models are equipped with high efficiency Power LEDs. 3,500 K. CRI value: 85-90.

Unpacking and assembly:

Do not touch the Plexiglas! Keep the lighting in the wood block and protective foam until it is mounted to avoid fingerprints.

Cleaning the Plexiglas:

Disconnect all power by disconnecting the transformer from the wall socket. Carefully remove all particles from the Plexiglas. When the Plexiglas is completely free of particles, very carefully mist it with your mouth (as when you clean your sunglasses) and polish fingerprints or small smears with absolutely clean, soft and smooth paper or a clean polishing cloth. Plexiglas is very sensitive to scratches! When necessary, use hot water, a little dishwashing liquid, and a soft, damp cloth for optimal cleaning. Avoid wetting the wood block and cables. Then carefully wipe the Plexiglas with a very soft and clean towel.

WARNING! Methylated spirits, glass cleaner, and other strong detergents are absolutely reprehensible for Plexiglas.


Hanging model assembly:

We recommend that two people do this, but this is not a must. Use the enclosed plastic fittings and screws to suspend the cable in. (See “Cable Lock” in Figure.) Tighten the screws with fittings so that they are half way in at a distance of 50 mm from each other in the selected position. Pull the cable apart to the desired height. Then place it around the one screw (1.) and in the fitting. First run it loosely and fine-adjust the height. Then tighten so that the cable is locked, but not any more! Continue by placing the cable around the other screw (2.) Adjust the horizontal position. Tighten the screw so that it locks the cable.

Do not overtighten; the cable can become damaged!


Standing model assembly:

Place the foot on a flat surface with the large holes facing you. Lift up the Plexiglas plate, and grab hold of the wood block and around the protective foam. Place it in the foot with the ISABEL label facing you, so that the screws enter the large holes. Push it backwards into position. Carefully set it down and screw in the three screws on the bottom of the foot using a small Phillips screwdriver. Tighten firmly so that the screws lock in the small holes.

Mounting the supplied wall brackets:

First install the bracket on the wall. Use a spirit level to get it straight. Then install the Plexiglas from below
using two screws. Make sure that the cable and tube exit as shown in the illustration. (Wall bracket only provided with standing table model.)


Technical considerations:

The plate on the wood block will become slightly warm. This is perfectly normal. All light produces heat, but the heat from the LED reflects backward and must be cooled down. Consequently, the plate can be slightly warm, but not the Plexiglas.


This LED consumes approx. 1 Watt of electric power. To feed the diode with the correct voltage, the electric plug has an integrated plug-in transformer designed for a line voltage of 230 V. To completely disconnect the power, pull out the plug from the transformer! A timer can also be used.

WARNING! The small plug from the lighting should only be connected to the original transformer. Any other connection will destroy the lighting. No warranties will then apply.

Electrical safety and handling:

Always make sure that the plug-in transformer is intact and that the cable is properly secured in the small connecting plug. Do NOT pull on the cable. In the event of a fault, do not use the product until it has been repaired by a skilled professional. Always disconnect the power plug when cleaning! We hope you will enjoy the benefits of your ISABEL, equipped with the light of the future! ISABEL is a registered trademark of Konkretek AB, Sweden.

PLEASE NOTE! We are very careful in our control. When the Plexiglas plate is ready, it will have passed inspection by multiple persons. However, there can be minor scratches, tints and small particles that arise in the manufacturing process. These cannot be avoided and are not valid as a reason for claims.